What to expect....


Our goal at ARDA is to assure each student has a positive experience as they are educated in the art of dance from our staff. We are excited to get your child settled into a fun filled season of dance education. Here are a few reminders to assist in preparing your dancer.

Please arrive 5 minutes early into the waiting area where students can put on their shoes and visit facilities if needed before class. Staff will retrieve students from there prior to each class.

Students who are there for an extended period of time are encouraged to bring a bottle of water and all cell phones are requested to remain on silent during class.

Students will need a dance bag of any sort to properly keep up with their shoes. It is recommended that you write their name in all of their belongings.

Parents are encouraged to remain in the waiting area, or welcome to drop off. Based on experience in recognizing that dancers focus is more attentive with students and staff only present, parents are discouraged from remaining in the classroom with students. In doing this it will also help students to be self sufficient in obtaining independence and confidence for future endeavors both on and off of the stage.

Occasionally the first few lessons young students may get upset due to separation and the new environment...please don't worry!! Rest assured that this is common and as weeks go by that students will become familiar with the routine and grow more secure weekly. Parents are encouraged to talk with their dancers prior to class reminding them that you will be close by if needed...and when our staff retrieves students from the waiting area they are encouraging and helpful in making the transition easier.

In stating that parents are welcome to drop students off..please be mindful of the pick up times. Also. please be aware that our assistants will be available to help little ones who need to take potty breaks during class for those students whose parents are not there. This is not a problem at all, just be aware that sometimes little ones may require assistance with their dance attire. Encouraging restroom breaks before class will be helpful.

We request that all tap shoes have Velcro or elastic. Shoe ties are discouraged in order to make changing an easier process.


Students are asked to wear their correct attire each week including appropriate dance shoes. We ask that new students wear our studio t-shirt and black shorts or leggings until their dance attire arrives. As a reminder, please do not wear dance shoes outside of the studio as it is damaging to them. To complete our dance appearance, we ask that hair is worn up at all times during class. (pony tail is sufficient)


Tuition will be drafted on the 5th of each month. It is the same during months that have holidays and/or when classes are dismissed due to inclement weather. There are 9 months total at full price and June will be prorated. If you chose to receive emailed invoices, payment will be due upon delivery via email. A $25 late fee will apply after the 15th of each month and there is a $25 fee for all returned checks. All fees are non refundable including costume deposits.


In order to assist with the payment of costumes, 1/2 of the costume fee will be due by November 15st and the remaining balance will be due Jan 15. 

In addition...we are excited to encourage this offering the TOP ad sale winner a FREE YEAR OF DANCE!!