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Annual Recital Information

Each year ARDA hosts an annual recital at the end of our season.  A definite date will be announced after fall classes begin.

Recital Fee: 

To obtain this wonderful experience and assist in covering the printing of programs (which are free to our guests), to keep our ticket prices at a minimum (only $12.00 each) to cover music editing and the production recordings (all professionally mastered) to give our students a $10.00 discount on recital USB and to give each student a FREE recital t-shirt....we require that each student sell (or purchase) a minimum of $200.00 in ads for recreational dancers AND 225.00 FOR ELITE). Some parents opt to sell the ads and not be out of pocket...and some parents opt to purchase personal "good luck ads" for their dancers.

  • Each student is responsible for selling or purchasing $200 worth of ads either in the program, "Good Luck" video or T-Shirt Advertisement.

  • (Trial Series Students are responsible for $75)

  • Each Elite Competitive Team student is responsible for selling or purchasing $200 worth or ads or T-Shirt Advertisement.

  • Any portion of the recital fee not met through ad/t-shirt ad sales will be drafted from the card on file April 15th.

In addition...we are excited to encourage this offering the TOP ad sale winner a FREE YEAR OF DANCE!!

Recital costumes: Each student will be required to purchase one costume per class for the dance recital, including all classes. All combo classes will have two costumes for the recital. Costumes are priced as follows:


MOMMY & ME $68        (1 COSTUME)
MINI BALLET $68          
COMBO 1 $136                (2 COSTUMES) 
COMBO 2 $156                (2 COSTUMES)
COMBO 3 $234               (3 COSTUMES ) 
HIP HOP AGE 5-6           $88
AGES 7+                             $88
ALL ELITE TEAMS         $95



For recreational dancers a deposit of HALF of the total is due by October 15th, with the remaining balance payable by November 15th.


All Elite costume fees are due in full by November 1st. Late fees will be applicable after stated dates.


COMBO 1                                 = $136     (2 COSTUMES)

COMBO 2                                 = $156     (2 COSTUMES)

COMBO 3                                 = $234    (3 COSTUMES)

CLOGGING 7+                       = $88       (1 COSTUMES)

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