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About ARDA


All Rhythm Dance Alley

was established in 1997,

and continues to grow, making quite an impression in the Four States area. We are a well-rounded studio that focuses on mastering technical skills in all genres of dance with an emphasis in clogging. 


Our staff is a dedicated

team of professional, experienced instructors

who thrive on sharing their knowledge of and love for dance with our students.


Our goal is to do more than just teach dance.

We aim to assist in creating exciting entertainers, energetic performers, and proud leaders, as well as knowledgeable and skilled dancers.



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The owner and director, Angie walker, has over 45 years’ experience in the art and has led countless students to dance careers, won numerous awards in choreography and created award winning dancers whose achievements include awards for overall technical skills, overall top entertainment, overall top scores, overall performance, and overall highest studio awards to name a few. Under her direction, students have been inducted into the Texas Clogger’s showcase as a select chore group performing on the Arneson stage in San Antonio from 2000-2011 and are now the posterchild for performing groups in Branson mo. After their 10th annual showcase opening for top shows such as Shoji Toubichi, the Haygoods, the famous acrobats of Shanghai, clay cooper and the world renown Celtic Dancers. They have even been featured in the Branson tourism magazine. The director has choreographed for state pageants and been invited on several occasions to instruct at regional clogging rally's and to lead a teacher’s education program upcoming in Branson as well. Her goal is to not only share the art but to use dance as an opportunity to mentor and inspire dancers to shine as bright off stage as they do on stage.


Melissa Manning


Tara Chalifoux


Sarah Carnes


Lauren Jackson


Maddie Pipes


Ariel Russette 


Office Staff

Casey Grant
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