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Important Enrollment Information


All tuition will be drafted on the 5th of each month. There will be a $25 late fee for all outstanding balances over 15 days. Students are subject to dismissal from the studio for outstanding accounts over 30 days old.


A 10% discount is applicable for families with 2 or more students enrolled in the same household and paying from the same account. (Note: Family discounts do not apply to Rhythm Elite members.)


A 5% discount is applicable to any tuition balance paid in full for 1st semester (Sept-Dec) by October 1st.

A 10% discount is applicable to any tuition balance paid in full season (Sept-May) by October 1st.

Tuition will be the same on the months that have holidays where classes may be dismissed or when a student has numerous absences for personal reasons.

All accounts must be current prior to costume distribution and recital.


All payments will be applied to tuition before other balances on costumes, competition fees, etc.


ARDA will base its closure on severity of inclement weather. Please visit our Facebook page (All Rhythm Dance Alley) or text 903.278.1815 when in question about studio closures.


All students are expected to complete the entire dance season and payments will be due for the entire session of enrollment regardless of attendance and/or termination of student enrollment.


All fees are nonrefundable.


Upon registration, expect to pay a 15.00 Studio t-shirt fee.


Be prepared to purchase before classes: class attire and appropriate dance shoes


Other charges during the season are monthly tuition, costume deposit (due by October 15th), remaining balance (due by November 15th), recital fee (if not met through fundraiser) all payments due & accounts current by May 26th.


Student placement will be determined by the director based on skill level.

All scheduled holidays are configured into the total number of classes taught throughout the season. The number of charges per class are added together for a grad total and then divided by the number of months in our dance season to configure monthly tuition. Therefore, the number of classes during each month may vary however, the tuition will remain the same.


To register, please text, call, or come by on any given registration date.

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